Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumnal expressions

The seasons are rapidly changing here and we can not complain about our stellar summer we had.  It was gorgeous, hot, and deliciously sunny for the entire summer.  And yet I am having a hard time saying goodbye to summer.   It was wonderful when I ventured out on the bike and not being cold.  

It's mid October now and it's dark when I get up and dark early.  I find this time of year extremely hard to deal with because honestly I get the winter blues.  Most mornings I wake to a soggy blanket of grey fog, which seems to make it colder. Despite the fog yesterday I pulled Scarlet out of the garage to take a run up island to meet my twin sister (yes she is the evil twin) and my parents for lunch.  It was a tough ride because it was a pea souper of a ride and I always worry about other motorists not seeing me until it's too late.  It finally cleared at the summit of the Malahat, I was going to stop & take a pic but I was running too far behind.

After reaching Duncan and lunching with the family it was time to make my way home.  Luckily the sun was out, but it was cold.  I was layered up, but definitely need a little warming jacket like Trobairitz and Bob have, going to start saving for that baby.

I decided to take the scenic route through Cowichan Bay.  I am so glad I did, it was stunning.

I loved the moss hanging off the beautiful trees.

Next stop was Hecate Park, where the boat launch is and a spectacular view of the Bay.
There are lovely housed perched on the shoreline.

A little wind blown & cold at this point and really looking forward to a hot bath.

There is a lovely little park area here and the trees were magnificently showing fall colours.

And finally my last shot of trying to be artful, look closely (not bad for an iPhone)


SonjaM said...

What a gorgeous day for an outing, Dar. Whenever I watch pics from the island I get somewhat sad that I moved so far away with little chance to visit.
On the other hand... we had a brilliant day too, with temperatures in the high 20's. Too warm for October but who's complaining, eh?

Martha Tenney said...

Beautiful day.

Those deep dark gloomy mornings are fairly common here, too. I can't believe it's dark here at 7 AM.

Richard M said...

Beautiful photos of the fall leaves. I never realized that there were so many miles of roads on Vancouver Island. But looking at a map, it's a pretty big place.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I can feel the crispy cool air; the October light obvious in your photos. Even from here in the Midwest, I can smell salt around the edges.

Maybe goodbye to riding now, but that first ride next spring will bring it all back and more; you and Scarlet will be refreshed and ready to do it again.

Back Road said...

Looks like a very pretty place to ride and explore. I can smell the leaves when I look at your photos!

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful pictures Dar. Glad you managed to ride thought the fog. I'll gladly suffer morning for beautiful sunny fall afternoons.

I've never used my warming jacket when riding since my Suzuki's charging system will handle my heated grips and Tourmaster heated jacket liner.The liner plugs into the bike and even the sleeves and collar are heated. I used it on the way to coffee Saturday. It is like having an electric blanket wrapped around you when you ride.

bob skoot said...


I've stayed many times at the Wessex Inn, which is nearly right across the street from Hecate Park. I even rode my Vstrom there when it was new and we did the Port Renfrew Loop.

I really like Cowichan Bay too. From there you could zig zag a bit and come out at Shawnigan Lake Road

My warming jacket is for when I am not riding. I also have a Black Jack heated Vest which plugs into my 2 pin SAE battery tender plug. These are Cheap, think $99. at your dealer, but I think next time I will get what Trobairitz has with the heated collar and sleeves.

You mean you have an EVIL twin sister ? Does she call you the evil one ? You mean there are TWO of you ?

Now I have a reason to go back to Duncan again

Riding the Wet Coast

Deb said...

You are so blessed to live by the ocean and have vistas like that to enjoy!

What a wonderful outing and the bike looks stunning against the autumn golds and the oceanic blues!

Guess we all had better get in any rides we can before the dark gets darker and the cold gets colder.

Great photos, phone or not!