Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Evening walk pics

I decided to throw off the flu bug and take the dog for a walk.  We had an amazing beautifully sunny day today and it was still warm enough for a walk when I got home.

The West Song walkway has a lot of lovely little spots to sit and enjoy the scenery.  This little nook is on the Westbay Harbour in Esquimalt.  

This is my version of a covered bridge, I always envy my fellow bloggers who live in the US where there are many beautiful covered bridges.  Unfortunately here in BC we don't have any, well none that I have come across anyway.

Well now that I have blown the flu bug away and sucked up some vitamin D I am going to find some cozy jammies and head off to slumber land.  


Richard M said...

Glad you're feeling better. I'm sure the dog is glad you're ready for walks too.

What a beautiful area...

Trobairitz said...

So glad you are doing better. The coast and harbor are so pretty. One day we'll have to take the ferry over and visit.

You need to head to Keremeos to the Red Bridge. it is a covered bridge over the Ashnola river. We used to jump off it into the river in high school.

bob skoot said...


doesn't look too cold but looks like you are the only one walking around. It looks deserted.

glad you are feeling better. so nice to have a nice walking path so close to home

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

How pretty it is. Wanna swap?