Sunday, January 13, 2013

These Boots Are Made For Walking

                      The brown boots are the Targhee Mid Hikers                                     
Black are the Presidios. 

I love the weekend and the early morning dog walks. I used to dread walking and now things have changed, I have embraced walking and have decided to add hiking to my activities. A large part of my new found walking enjoyment is all due to wearing good comfortable shoes and socks.

I have finally found hiking shoe nirvana! In the past I have bought hikers and found them NOT to be flexible, or comfortable. I have suffered from blistered heels and toes whilst wearing conventional hikers. Ouch! The break-in period was painful and  more often than not I could never get them to the point of not having any foot pain when wearing them. I couldn't get them to the comfort point and this in turn limited my hiking experience and enjoyment. As much as I love rambling trail walks it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Things have now changed.

Motorcycle Man and Scooterpie Jr gave me fabulous hikers for Christmas, 2 pairs in fact. (Screaming deal on sale) They are Keen's and they are amazing. The comfort factor is huge and there was absolutely no break-in discomfort - NONE. The first pair is the Targhee mid hiker which is waterproof and breathable, great sole and very comfortable. The traction the sole gives you is great and I tested them out going down a steep dirt track to take a picture of a blue heron. The other pair is a lace up called the Presidio, it is made with Nubuck leather. Both are waterproof and breathablem, which we know on the West Coast is always a plus due to our rainy climate. I am now a Keen convert.   Both shoes rock!
The final part of the equation is the sock. Yup socks, if you haven't slipped your tootsies into merino wool or you seriously need to consider this. (These socks are amazing in motorcycle boots too) There is no friction, they wick away moisture and keep your feet warm or cool depending on the temperature. Love these hikers and socks! I have happy feet!

Check out the cool merino wool socks - Christmas socks are the best Socks!


Trobairitz said...

Woohoo, another person Keen for Keens. I have the same Presidio shoes in Black and brown. I wear them every day to work. Love love them. I have two pairs of their hiking boots two but they aren't as comfy as the shoes.

I am glad you like them so well. Sure wish they'd come out with a vegan version though. Not sure what I'll have to replace them with when they wear out.

BeemerGirl said...

Nice! I tried and tried to like hiking boots and wound up falling for Five Ten trail runners. Light weight and great traction like you. Hope you enjoy them and find some great trails.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - I never thought I would like these, I always thought they looked a little clunky, but according to my kid they are cool. I have tried so many trail shoes before in the past and never found anything this comfortable. I have narrow heels and wide toes and these are the first pair of shoes I have ever wanted to go out and buy multiple pairs of. I think I want the Presidio that they have in the reddish brown color - I love red shoes, they sing to my inner shoe diva. I have been wearing the both to and at work, although the Targee hiker doesn't look fabulous with dress pants, but who cares, I will just start dressing down to fit the shoes. I wonder if you wrote to keen and asked them about a creating a vegan option, you never know.

BeenerGirl - Five Ten trail runners - I will have too look at those as well. For me now it is all about comfort and getting out there and experiencing the ramble, because I was getting too sedentary. I think I was limiting myself too much before because it hurt too much to go out on long walks. After the scooter wipe out 24 months ago my hip & SI joints took a pounding and were injured and have never really sprung back, but since I started walking the pain is actually easing up.

SonjaM said...

Also a Keen fan here. You'll love them.

Trobairitz said...

If you know your size and style try this website.

I bought my black Presidio Keens full price at a local shoe store then my second - the brownish/reddish ones from this website as I knew the size I needed.

Just beware of sizing. I have 7-8 pair of Keens including sandals and they are 3 different sizes depending on style. They all fit a little different.