Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning rambles with the doggis

We have had some stellar sunny days recently which makes the morning walks all the more enjoyable. Here are some pics.

                                                  West Song Walkway

                                        Miss Roolly tracking a squirrel.

          Sea kelp - I just thought it was a lovely picture the way the kelp was floating

Frost on a piling.


Pam said...

Looks like you had a wonderful walk! Thanks for sharing those great pictures too!

SonjaM said...

No frost? It must be quite a bit warmer than in the lower mainland. We had minus 11 in Port Coquitlam this morning, and the inlet starts freezing over.

RichardM said...

Nice photos. What is the pattern on the top of the piling from in the last picture?

Trobairitz said...

Pretty pictures.

I bet your pup is liking the walks too.

BeemerGirl said...

Great walk! Thanks for the photos. Is that seaweed in the fourth one? And, like Richard, what caused the patterns in the piling on the last image? Do you know?

Dar said...

Puppy loves walking and we get stopped every couple of feet by people wanting to pet her and cooing how cute she is.

The one picture is of sea kelp, I always find the designs in nature lovely and quite often end up taking pictures of it. The piling patter is I believe caused by rot, most of the log pilings have the same design with the cut outs. I just thought it was a cool picture with the frost.

Deb said...

So nice to get out and walk in the sunshine!

And your baby loved it too I bet!

We have a mix of days around here-one day snow, one day rain, one day cloudy, one day sunny. It's crazy.

Last week I was in the park in a tee shirt, basking in the sun. That didn't last long!

Come on Spring!

Adrian / YouMotorcycle said...

Hey missy, sorry to give you this totally unrelated comment, but I can't find you on Twitter anymore?!
Hope all is well??

Dar said...

Adrian - I haven't been on as much, it has been a very busy January and all of us have had the flu so I haven't been tweeting too much and been feeling pretty icky.