Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glorious sunshine

It seems lately all I do is walk the dog, it is very enjoyable and relaxing. I think I have actually dropped some weight too with all the exercise I've been getting and that is an added side bonus. We have had a few stellar sunny days, here are my latest photo adventures. The best thing about Victoria is that we have a great walking trail system and there are always lovely scenic places to walk.


Deb said...

Aw, she is a cutie and has gotten so big already!

Loved the lichen log!

You've inspired me....Maybe I'll bring my camera along on one of my doggie outings too.

Are those Canadian geese on that pond? We have a lot of them in Ohio year around.

I love to hear them "honk" overhead!

Dar said...

Hi Deb,

Yup she has grown a ton! She is now 6 months! I can't believe how fast she has grown. She is going to be spayed on Wednesday, I don't want any puppy surprises.

Those aren't Canada geese, they are run of the mill everyday ducks.

I drag my camera and iphone everywhere and am always snapping pictures of something.

Shybiker said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm like you and carry one of my cameras everywhere. You never know when a pretty scene will present itself.