Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review TCX GoreTex T-Lily ladies riding boots

I recently purchased a pair of  women's TCX T-Lily GoreTex riding boots.  Retail $299 to $339 CDN.
*Good price for a leather Goretex riding boot approx $299 to $339 *Canadian funds
*Solidly built leather boot with a Goretex membrane for waterproof and breathability. 
*Good ankle protection with the armour.
*Good shin protection.
*Waterproof - I have ridden through a few torrential downpours with pooling water on the road and my feet were dry!!!! No more prune toes!
*Good zipper closure with a velcro tab on the zipper pull to secure the zipper pull to the velcro on the boot. Easy to zip up.
*Flexible around the calf area so they are not tight and you can easily zip up and put your pant leg inside the boot.
*Shifter pads on toes.
*Narrow in the heel cup and moderate width through the foot bed, so it isn't too tight.  I have found in past ladies boots have been difficult to fit due to them being super narrow.
*Comfortable foot position in the boot and fairly comfortable to wear when off the bike.  They don't look chunky either and go nicely with jeans.

*The insole of the boot is not very comfortable and could use a little extra padding and I found the foot bed a little hard.  I have remedied that by adding an insole.
*The boot feels a little cool in the wind because of the breathability of the GoreTex and I have found this in past with other GoreTex products I have.
*The boot sole could be a little heftier and have a bit more tread or deeper at least.

Summary:  Overall I am fairly impressed with these boots. My  feet stayed absolutely dry in the torrential downpours I have used them in so far.  I think they will be a little warm in the summer. Time will tell after several miles of riding to see how they  perform long term. My previous boots only survived 8 months of daily commuting and weekend moto diva riding.  Nice boot, good quality, worth the money spent.

The T-Lily's get The Princess Scooterpie/Moto_Diva 5 Star approval recommendation.


bob skoot said...


those look like good boots. I am more frugal, I have AlpineStars* and I also had to put in a GEL insert. Glad to see you don't have prune toes, I guess I have to take your word for it.

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Dar said...

Bob - I looked at the AlpineStars and they were a little more than than these ones. I am happy so far and happy even with the cost because and hope they last more than eight months, I definitely get my money out of them. I would rather have non-prune toes!

VStar Lady said...

Dar there is absolutely nothing worse than wet feet. Glad you found boots to keep them dry, worth the price.

Brenda said...

Good review Dar, looks like they are doing the job. I find it interesting that you talk about the tread (or lack of tread) as I wouldn't think that would be an issue with a riding boot that you aren't doing a lot of walking in, (i think I'm showing my noobness here so I have to ask why it's an issue, or is it just a comfort thing?) My boots have not much sole or tread at all but I find that extremely comfortable on the bike, I can get my foot under levers better.

Dar said...

Vstar Lady - yup if your feet are cold the rest of you is cold. I can deal with wet hands, but not my feet.

Brenda - I found after wearing my last pair of boots for 8 months they had no tread on the bottom & were worn smooth. I don't drag my feet across the pavement, but the oil & road crap eats away at the sole of the boot. I wear my motorcycle boots than any other shoes I own, so they get pretty beat up & go through all kinds of weather conditions. I prefer more tread or deeper tread to channel water away when I set my foot down when I stop. We get lots of rain & I find boots slippery when the sole is smooth and sometimes its dicey when you set your landing foot down.

Brenda said...

Ah thanks for explaining that Dar that makes sense now. I guess I've just never worn a pair of boots long enough to wear out the tread yet but I do like traction when I stop.

Trobairitz said...

How timely. I was just thinking I needed to review my boots and jacket.

I am glad you found boots that work for you. I think it is harder for the ladies to find boots that fit than it is for the guys. Not as many people carry boots for us in stock.

Dar said...

Brenda - keep on riding and you will wear all your gear out! I was surprised at how quickly they tread disappeared on my 2 previous pairs of boots.

Trobairitz - Finding boots has been the hardest thing I have done. Most I have tried are too narrow and men's are too big. There are big jumps in price too and dealers generally don't carry more than one or two different styles and seem to be reluctant to bring stock in. I was lucky these boots fit because I hadn't tried them on and we were flying blind. There isn't a lot out their and I have decided buying an inexpensive boot doesn't cut it, because they usually aren't waterproof and they wear out too fast. So I am hoping that these will live beyond my wildest expectations ;)