Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goretex Boots

Last Christmas Motorcycle Man & Scooterpie Jr bought me ladies Triumph Tritex waterproof boots. They worked like a charm for 8 months and were very comfortable. The boots also came with a great 1 year warranty & assurance from the local dealer that they stand behind their product. Late August I noticed that they where coming apart on the instep. Off I went to the dealer and he was awesome. He didn't have my boot size in stock unfortunately and had to order them. I was able to keep the original boots until they came in so I wasn't sacrificing foot safety.

There was a little wrinkle in the warranty process, Triumph stopped making my boots. So now a conundrum what's next? The dealer went above and beyond to make me happy and I actually ended up with a better quality GoreTex boot at no extra charge other than the difference in the tax.

The boot is a GoreTex TCX Lily. They fit like a glove and are extremely comfortable. The reviews I have read have all been very positive. They are rated as waterproof, so here's hoping!


bob skoot said...


Those look like nice boots. Hope they are waterproof.

I have waterproof boots too BUT the water comes in from the top and just stays pooled up on the bottom, but they don't leak

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Nikos said...


wear your trousers over the boots!

Deb said...

Or wear "gators" like those used by cross country skiers. I think LL Bean sells them still.

Nothing gets by those!

Dar said...

Today was the test! It was a torrential downpour and my feet were dry! I do need to wear warmer socks I think because my feet were feeling a tad chilled because of the wind.

Gators - I think I need to get some of those babies.

RichardM said...

Very nice service from the dealer. It says a lot about them. Most motorcycle boots don't seem to have much tread on them, How are these?

Gaiters, I have a pair sitting in my office right now. I use them when I go x-country skiing.

Dar said...

The tread is so-so. I can see after probably 6 months of riding it will be a smooth surface on the sole, its not like I am dragging my feet across the pavement either. At this point all I am wanting are nice warm dry feet.

The service was phenomenal. I ended up with a better boot in the end which was awesome.

Brenda said...

Aww when ever I leave it too long to comment on a blog post someone else comes along and says what I wanted to say!(Maybe I shouldn't be so slack bout turning on the computer and posting these comments then eh :D)

They look like great boots Dar, well done on finding such good service too.

Dar said...

Brenda - you recently got new boots too didn't you? I can't remember which ones you bought.

Brenda said...

I got Alpinstars Dar. And still love them, actually tis time for an updated review now that I've worn them a bit, Ta for reminding me Dar :)