Monday, November 26, 2012

Festivus season is almost upon us...

I love this time of year, particularly be the waterfront.


Robert Wilson said...

Do you have your plain metal pole up yet? I to, find tinsel distracting.

Deb said...


Yes, the Christmas lights are going up here too and one of my fav pastimes is to ride around at night and look at them.

I particularly love what we call the "gaudy houses", ablaze with lights and figures and such.

Found two last night on the same street.

Dar said...

Robert - lol "Airing of the greivances" I loved that Seinfeld episode. I have a little tinsel at the top just to make it not so plain.

Deb - I saw a few of those houses on the puppy walk last night. Brightens a gloomy winter night.

Trobairitz said...

The lights on the boats that are in a triangle shape off the masts kind of makes them look like lit up shark fins.... or maybe that's just me.

RichardM said...

Oh yeah, I need to find an extension cord. Our outdoor lights were put up before the snow fell but they still need to be plugged in....

VStar Lady said...

Made for a pretty walk I bet. Downtown looked kind of pretty here last weekend - but the harbor was empty. (Around here we have to decorate trees not boats, ha, ha)

Dar said...

Trobairitz - I think the same thing about it looking like shark fins.

Richard - My hub hasn't even thought about putting the lights up yet.

Vstar Lady - It was a very lovely walk, I will have to venture forth downtown with my camera, because it is lovely down there this time of year.

bob skoot said...


Other than Turkey dinner on the week after Dec 25th, we don't celebrate the Christmas season. No presents, nothing, no decorating and we are not shoppers. We buy what we need and give each other things all year as we see them.

Christmas makes me sad and I try to stay away from stores and seasonal music too as it only reminds me of unhappy times

I don't know what it is but when I hear a Christmas song it triggers sad emotions

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