Sunday, October 18, 2015

One last summer vacay post!

Its been hard to post lately, but finally the last of my summer vacation pics.  We had a wonderful time in Ontario visiting with family. We did quite a bit of sight seeing showing our daughter her dad's roots.  It was wonderful! Our nephew took us on a lovely tour of Niagara on the Lake.  It was beautiful and I was so enthralled with the heritage homes dating in around the 1800.  When I stood looking down the main street I could picture women in their long dresses strolling down the street, a very romantic notion I think, but in reality it was a very turbulent time in Canadian history with the war of 1812 raging.  Fort George was heavily fortified protecting the area from invasion. 

 I love the architecture of this period and I fell in love with brick houses. We don't have too many brick houses in Victoria.  

This house dates from the mid 1800's, it was beautiful, my neohew was telling us about the restrictions that are pkaced on heritage homes in terms of renovations, colours that can be used. I am not sure I could live with that sort of thing in my life, but then I am more of a free spirit and don't like to be too constrained.

Very picturesque, warm weather and people liesurely strolling along on a late summer evening. Probably as I  write this now the leaves have turned are are well on their way into fall and getting ready for a winter nap.

The fmous Prince of Wales hotel, apparently when Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales visited Canada they stayed in this beautiful heritage establishment. The Her Maj Betty Windsor has also visited Niagara on the Lake and attended church on Sunday.  

We were in search of sweeties and a bit of our Scottish ancestry, we found our clan badge and tartan, our clan moto Disce Pati which translates to 'Learn to Suffer' or 'Learn to Endure'. I was hoping for something a little more uplifting. We do however have our own tartan plaid which is a lovely blue and green.  According to family sources we are also able to wear the Robertson and Taylor plaids due to family affiliations.  

Our family clan cres

A family selfie, the young man is my nephew, he IS the coollest dude! I am so proud of my two nephews and niece, they grew up to be amazing young people, artistic, creative, caring and good kids.

We wandered around and thoroughly enjoyed our walk through time. 

One the statues in the public park, this being John Graves Simcoe, Lt Govenor of Upper Canada.

Lovely little black squirrel, we only have grey and brown squirrels in Victoria.
Another lovely heritage home.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Ontario. I have to say if it weren't for the winter I'd move there. The housing market in the smaller communities is much more family friendly than Vancouver Island. Here the average starter home is around $400 to $500k, we could actually buy a pretty luxurious home back East. In any event it was an amazing holiday and I hope we can go back soon.


Trobairitz said...

The architecture is always so pretty on the heritage homes. They just don't design building that cool anymore.

RichardM said...

"Learn to Suffer"

Are you going to have that airbrushed onto your bike? It may fit during some of the classes...

SonjaM said...

The architecture in the east is something, for sure. Glad you liked your vacay on the other side of Canada ;-)

Deb said...

Really interesting! It's like being in Europe or Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Just love historic buildings.

I've never seen a black squirrel! Cute!

Conchscooter said...

Learn to suffer. Thats something worth thinking about. I like Canadan Niagara. On the list now.

Unknown said...

Sure is a nice town. We visit once a year or so. And, the surrounding wine country and tastings are enjoyable. Nearby, in the tiny town of Jordan, there are various antique shops as well.