Monday, February 23, 2015

Video Review of Motorcycle Viking Select Tourmaster largemagnetic tank bag

Motorcycle House Viking Select TourMaster magnetic tank bag.  About a week ago I did a review of this wonderful tank bag.  Click here to see original detailed written review *Link

For product information click here -->Motorcycle House Viking Select magnetic Tank Bag product link

A few more thoughts on Motorcycle House's Viking Select TourMaster large magnetic tank bag. I've been using the bag for about two weeks now and I have to say my first impressions were borne out and I love this bag.  It works really well and I am very impressed with its construction, design, and ease of use.  Upon further use I have not found anything disagreeable or anything that would make me change my original review.  I'm looking forward to logging many miles with the bag on my bike.

Check out's house brand of Viking tank bags click *Link


Richard M said...

You don't sound even a little bit Canadian...

Nice video review. You've probably heard this before but make sure the tank and the soft cloth on the bottom are clean. The magnets like to attract all sorts of metal shavings which scratch the tank pretty easily.

Dar said...

I meant to mention that, but got a little tongue tied because my hub was holding the iPhone & taking the vid which made me antsy & I list my train of thought a few times.m