Saturday, February 14, 2015

Making a spectacle of myself

Ta da!!!!  My specs are in and I love them! They are definitely eclectic and blingy, they suit my diva-ish personality.  They are divine! I love the retro design.  

My frames are called Cynthia and are from Spectacle EyeWorks Pussy Galore collection which is based on the 60's retro vibe of James Bond movies. They are girly and fashion forward.  A cool little extra is the funky saying on the arm of the frame, "Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistably" how cool is that and of course a blingy little pussycat.  There is nothing boring about the frames and designs and I find this refreshing. 

The case certainly says Diva!

I have come to discover one thing about me through this process, I don't like generic & boring, I want to feel pretty and I want to express my personality (which I think I do most of the time) but these glasses sung to my soul and I smile when I put them on.

Spectacle Eyeworks created these beautiful frames, they are a Canadian company based out of Vancouver. It really makes me happy to support a Canadian brand.  
Mehran Beghaie is the designer and creator of this Vancouver based brand.  His frames are stylish, retro, funky and timeless. They are well made and not flimsy and extremely comfortable. Check out their website and if you are a Facebooker they are on there as well or call 1-888-722-3322.

My experience has been great with Spectacle EyeWorks. When I found these frames at a local optical store, I wanted to see a few more frame options of the different styles they offer. I called Spectacle directly and discussed which other frames I was interested in looking at and they sent several over the very next day and I tried on the Lola and the Gita frames.  They were a little more sedate but still had the retro vibe I love. The blingy Cynthia's won out. **I have never received such great service in past when searching for frames! 

I have my eye on a second set for use when I am on the motorcycle or who knows or just for the whimsy in me, a girl can never have too many choices.

This is the  Gita frame which may be mine sometime soon ;)  I definitely am a diva.  


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I think they look great Dar. When I no longer need side shields I may have to be a bit bolder myself.

Dar said...

Bold is my new thing this year.

SonjaM said...

Lovely, Dar. I especially like the fact that they are a local brand.

VStar Lady said...

Very nice glasses Dar - lots of bling!

Lynne Goebeler said...

I love them!

Dar said...

Thanks everyone! I am really enjoying them and loving how fun they are. Unfortunately though I am struggling with the progressive lense a bit when on the motorcycle due to head positioning, so I may have to get another pair just with straight single vision with distance. I am thinking of actually getting the same frame, but a different colour, but then again I saw some rocking purple glasses too that I liked.