Monday, September 15, 2014

My grand scooter/motorcycle adventure with Bobskoot and the RTE Scooter Crew

As I reminisce, I sit here in disbelief and still can't get my head around his being gone. I remember this adventure with a smile and think how wonderful Bob was at bringing complete strangers together who shared the passion of riding scooters and motorcycles.  And contrary to popular belief the two groups of riders can blend and ride harmoniously together and have fun. The famous pink crocs are in this video.  

Here is the link to Bob's post on his blog after our riding weekend. A girl feels pretty special when she is surrounded by 20 men and them following behind her on her bike. Little did they know I am directionally impaired and was winging it all day long.   Yup it was a blessed day and as Bob said "I wish I could ride Saturday again, again and again.", I do too, you are gone too soon.   (and yup I am Mistress Scooterpie) 

Bob is the man in the middle of all the scooter peeps.  


Trobairitz said...

He was a friend to everyone he met and his loss leaves a great hole in the blogging community.

Tripping Sister! said...

Oh Dar,

I am just hearing of this from your blog. We had no idea that Bob passed away or WHEN he passed away. Can anyone fill us in on this please? He called us a couple of months back and wanted to get together with a friend of his, but I think his friend ended up changing his plans. So sorry to hear this.....:-(. Chris said he hadn't heard either.

Dar said...


He passed away while on the corvette trip to Tennesee, it would be about two weeks ago and we just found out yesterday. He had a heart attack in his sleep. Its so sad. Its funny how we bloggers who have either met the person or haven't build this little family network and it is so hard when this happens.

I think he is probably trudging around in heaven trying to get all the angels to wear pink crocs and teaching God how to ride a motorcycle or scooter, now that would be a sight to behold.

The View on the North Shore said...

Thanks Dar for the memories. Bob will be dearly missed.

Dar said...

I know Benny, its hard to believe. I wonder if the RTE scooter crew if you guys come over next year for the scooter rally want to go for a Bob Leong Pink Croc memorial ride? Let me know and we can figure something out.

Deb said...

I too was wondering about the date he passed. Do you know?

Thank you for this post. I enjoyed looking at the videos and hope to scour for more. You all have a wonderful comradery!

I saw some pink Croc key chains on Ebay. I think I will get one and use it on my scooter in honor of Bob. I could post a link about it for others, but I basically googled and found them for sale.

Maybe we should start up a "Pink Croc Posse" of moto bloggers. What do you think?

You could lead the way in Vancouver and we could all join in "cyber-ly" or whatever word is right.

I have also looked for an on-line obit and found nothing. So any thing you know would help us all with some form of closure, though
I don't think any of us will really ever get over his passing. Especially this way. :=(

Dar said...


I like the pink croc posse idea! I will check out for a pink croc keychain as well. I think he passed August 31 that was the last day his spot tracker registered. I am not 100% certain and I too have not seen an obit, but when I get some news I will post it up. I also think I would like to get a memorial ride going at some point in the future, I just have to figure out how to do it, etc. It could also be a virtual ride with folks joining in from other places that knew Bob. I am on the hunt for pink crocs right now.

Hugs lady!