Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Island - Beautiful Sidney by the Sea

This is how I feel about riding! My soul is singing & dancing.

One of the first places you will pass by on the Vancouver Island is the beautiful little town of Sidney by the sea.  It is a lovely quaint little town and is a pretty quiet community.  It is very picturesque and they have really captivated seaside charm with statuary along the waterfront.  It is simply stunning to stroll by the seaside and look towards beautiful Mount Baker.  The town if full of lovely little boutique shops and offer something for everyone.

My Moto Beauty.

This statue is dedicated to veterans

Sidney is also home to one of the best bakeries on the Island and it is there that we make the 25 minute bike trek to get our strudel fix!  The weather is stunning today and it was bright and warm, perfect day for the moto family to take to the road, so off we went down the long twisty roads out West Saanich way and crossed over to Sidney.  There were tonnes of bikes on the road today and it was awesome to see so many out on the roads.  On the way back in I was following a bike & sidecar rig, still love those and who knows maybe one day!

I love this sculpture!

Not quite sure about this one, it looks like an Egytian doggis mummy.


                                       I couldn't resist!  Arrrr Matey!!!

Beautiful Mount Baker

I hope today found you in a sunny spot and you were able to get out on a moto adventure of your own!


SonjaM said...

Ah, I loved the stroll along Sidney shores. What a lovely little town. We almost moved there but the job I applied for close by didn't work out back then. Thanks for the memories.

VStar Lady said...

Wow - moto daughter looks so much like moto mother. Two peas in a pod happily riding together. What fun. Looks like a beautiful day for a family ride.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

We had a pretty nice day....yours was better! Chores today, ride tomorrow.

Martha Tenney said...

I can hear the sounds: clanking of flag poles, gulls, water, people chatting, dogs barking. Oh wait...that dog is metal.

Pretty day. Thanks for sharing it.

Deb said...

Edward Scissorhands' mom walking the dog!

The Michelin Man's mom!

You've got the ocean and the mountains right there together!

Beautiful day!

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful pictures Dar. It looks like the perfect day for a ride.

Those statues are really neat. Thanks for sharing.

Circle Blue said...

Alas, no sun here. It seems the sun only shines during the workweek here.

Love all the photos, but particularly the last one, the gulls on the wall.

And as someone else pointed out your daughter is very lucky, she definitely takes after you.

BeemerGirl said...

Beautiful day for you and thanks for sharing. I just love the sculptures! Rain here, floods, downed trees. :) Maybe ride next week? (Fingers crossed.)

Dar said...

I am wishing you all sunshine and blue skies so you can get out on your two wheeled chariots!

David Masse said...

Dar, I love the west coast! If we're voting, the long striding iPod rocking dog walker gets my vote :)

Brenda said...

What a fantastic way to have a family day out, and a lovely place to go. I love the statues ... The first one is my favourite.