Saturday, May 4, 2013

International Female Ride Day 2013

                                     The beginning of the ride, Cook Street Village

What a day! The dawn broke and it was sunny, clear and warm. It was shaping up to be an amazing day in two wheels. Since I started two wheeling back in 2011 I have ridden in Island events and helped to create two if these and worked with very a team of dynamic women dedicated to empowering women and bringing attention to women's motorcycling and scootering.

We organized two rides, a day and evening ride. 55+ women gathered for the day ride and went on a lovely ride up Vancouver Island to our gathering point at West Coast Roar, amazing women's motorcycle store. The owners Greer Stewart and Joley Baker do so much more than just offering premium motorcycle gear and choice for women riders, they offer women empowerment to be more and do more, whether you are a motorcyclist or an everyday woman. After our safety briefing and road blessing we wove our way through the beautiful Cowichan Valley. It was quite a sight to behold all of these women on their motorcycles! It was breathtaking to look in your mirror and see the long ribbon of motorcycles behind me, each with a woman rider and enjoying the event.

We rode back to Roar for the closing festivities. This year we changed our focus a bit and raised money for an organization dedicated to helping women who have been in domestic violence situations and it was an honour to do this. We held a swag raffle at the end if our ride and raised $650 for Cowichan Women Against Violence. 

It was amazing to talk to the other female motorcyclists and share their stories and adventures. There is a strong sisterhood of riders on the Island and this event was magic!

I came home from the day event  grabbed a quick shower to shake off the road dirt and prepared for the evening ride I was hosting for those that couldn't make it and 8 of us ventured forth and did a relaxing tour of downtown Victoria, Dallas Road and Beach drive. Two gals were riding scoots which made it all the more wonderful!

I rode Scarlet for 12 hours on Friday and I was tired, happy, and euphoric at the end of my day. It was an incredible day!

                                      Wee Tessie on her mom's 2 wheeled chariot

      55+ women rode today this was our meet-up point in Victoria

    Diverse group of motorcycles including Debbi Ferguson's custom designed Kill Bill Chopper Fergi, she is an airbrush and paint artist.  Gorgeous!

      Girls just having fun at the beginning of the ride. 
This is the group that toured through the Cowichan Valley on the long ride in the afternoon.  We certainly were head turners, particularly when we rode by a construction site.  When we were parked a fellow driving by in his pick-up asked how he could join our group, my response was "You don't want to know, the entry test is pretty tough" - only kidding.

After riding all day I organized an evening group ride for those who couldn't make it to the grand day event, this was a perfect end to the day!  The ride was relaxing, the company fantastic.  The best part of our evening ride was all the people waving at us.  There was a mom and her two girls standing at a cross walk as we left my place and they were hopping up and down waving at us.  Girl Power!!
The group posing at Victoria's Inner Harbour in front of the Empress.

Our Ride stopped at Cattle Point on the scenic beach drive.  

Return to the Moto Lair 12 hours later.

 *Update the Ladies of  West Coast Roar just donated $1000 on behalf of all women riders to Cowichan Women Against Violence 


Pam said...

Looks glorious!! So glad y'all were able to get out and ride!!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Very cool pics....:-). Looks like a fun day and I love the one with you girls all lined up against the wall. Glad you had a great time...:-)

Dar said...

It was an amazing day, very empowering and just pure moto bliss!