Sunday, February 24, 2013

Warm hands = a warm heart

The other day I received a wee present from a good friend. It was a motorcycle present and they are the best kinds of presents! BUT the greatest gift of all is friendship and it is the most precious gift of all.

Bob sent me a lovely set of heated grips for Miss Scarlet. Thank you Bob, I am so grateful that my hands will be warm! More importantly I am blessed to have you as a friend and all the folks I have met through scooting and motorcycling.


Diane Higdon said...

I know your hands are going to love them. My husband has had them on a couple of our bikes and really does like them. Wouldn't think they would help that much, but according to him, they really do! Glad you got them :)

Circle Blue said...

Welcome to the warmer hands club. I love mine.

bob skoot said...


you are going to really like them but get a hand guard too, to protect the back of your hands. also wear thinner gloves to let the heat through.

You would be surprised how many times you will turn them on during a cool summer evening.

glad you like them

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Cool - I mean warm!

You will wonder how you did without them.

You gotta watch that Bob - things will show up in your mailbox when you least expect them.