Monday, February 18, 2013

Ho Hum

I seem to have a case of PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome) and its side effect called the Ho Hums.  The weather has warmed up and I venture to guess spring is well on its way here to the Island, I am requiring less layers when I walk the doggis and it's staying light until after 6:00pm .  Miss Scarlet has been parked almost two weeks because I decided to wait a little to reinsure her, which in the end is crazy, because I rode her all through the wet rainy crap of winter.  Lately I have been taking the tin can to work and plugging into the iphone world and just enjoying the fact that I actually have fluffy curly hair when I get to work.  BUT all of the hair fluff factor is NOT taking away from my missing my sweet lovely Scarlet.  This weekend it was fairly mild and even a little sunny and all I could think of was going out to the garage and climbing on and going for an adventure, then I got a case of the "Meh's" and stuck to my decision to wait it out a little longer.  It's funny because I haven't meandered out to the garage to look at Scarlet or the scooter since I parked her at the beginning of February.  Motorcycle Man being the awesome moto protector had all three out of the motor lair on Sunday and started them all and gave them a little TLC.   I am finding my scooter crash injury has been acting up and probably putting a crimp into my riding desire.  I am thinking towards the beginning or middle of March reinsuring and getting back on the road again, I hope I can wait that long. If we get a good stretch of sunny weather I may be out there sooner.

In the meantime I stopped by one of the local motorcycle shops and spied this precious beauty. 


Brenda said...

What is that sound I can hear in the background ... Like a quiet, lonely sobbing ... I think it's coming from your garage.

It's alright Miss Scarlet, the weather will be perfect before you know it and you and Dar will head out for adventures!

Dar said...

Brenda - She has been shedding tears - little oil droplets. Poor thing. I need to go out and have a chat with the poor miserable wee shadow. Hey have you looked at the new Honda CB1100 - OH MY GOSH it is gorgeous, I am in serious want, but my hubby keeps saying "No". A girl can never have too many bikes if you ask me.

VStar Lady said...

That Moto Guzzi number looks numbered up and ready to race - love your reflection in the chrome. Cheer up, the end of Feb. is just two weeks away - lucky you staring spring in the face, here, we are still staring at snowbanks.

Deb said...

Drool and sigh, oh my!

Dar said...

Karen - I know I'm lucky because most of Canada is still feeling winter's wrath. I ddpay my winter dues for 17 years up in Prince George. I think I just want some sunshine. That Moto Guzzi s pretty sweet, but not very practical for my needs, but dreaming is fun.

Deb - I practically had to wash & wipe the drool off of it. ;)

bob skoot said...


cheer up but don't abandon your first love, Scarlet. Spring is just around the corner.

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...


I love Scarlet and really am not in the market for a new bike. Just liked the shiny of the Guzzi, it sparkles and my inner crow was attracted to the shininess :)

Trobairitz said...

When Spring has sprung Scarlet will be ridden again.

I can completely relate to the ho hums and mehs. I haven't been out on the bike recently. Brad needed it for a Team Oregon video shoot last Saturday so I had to cage it to coffee and the weather has been quite sporadic. Nice and sunny to get you motivated first thing in the morning, but by the time it warms up it has clouded over and started to sprinkles, which then instills the meh.

With spring will come rain, but at least it will be warmer.

Oh and nice Guzzi. too. I thought they did something spot on with that one.

Brenda said...

Hey Dar,

A girl can never have enough bikes ;D

Seriously like the looks of that CB1100 .. ta for pointing out the new addition to my wish list!

Deb said...

"PMS" is a good one! What is mine? Parked Scooter Syndrome? PSS..

Anyway, I got it BAD. Even when the sun breaks out in the 40s it is darn cold riding unless one is acclimated to it.

I will go over today and crank her up and let her run for about 10 minutes. I'll oggle, feel frustrated, and dream of back roads, as I always do.

Spring is coming...can't be too soon!

Dar said...

I think we have all been suffering through various stages of PMS or PSS . I won't complain too much because I don't have the snow or really cold temperatures to deal with. But now that Scarlet is quietly napping in the garage I am feeling the low vibe more and missing the road. I still haven't figured out when she will be back on the road, but think it will be sooner rather than later. I am kind of digging the tin can commute (bus) in the morning because of the air fluff factor & it's a mindless 20 minutes. In fact I think there will be a bus pass in my future next winter for a few months just a little easier on the arthritic joints. Hope you all get over your PMS or PSS soon!