Sunday, May 6, 2012

International Female Ride Day 2012 Vancouver Island

Scarlet on her first International Female Ride Day, May 4, 2012

On Friday, May 4th,  a diverse group of  30 female riders met for a day of fun and riding.  The morning weather was not promising, with rain and wind being the flavor of the moment.  All I could think was. "Mother Nature can't you give the sista's a break?!" The Victoria IFRD team of Alison Smith, Debra Roberts, Bobbi Bjornholt, Chantele McPhee and myself worked very hard putting the event together.  We were so fortunate to have swag donated by several local businesses that support female riding.  

The purpose of IFRD is to promote motorcycling for women and to let the wider world know that we are out there on two wheels on everything from sport bikes - cruisers to scooters.  Founder Vicki Grey of Toronto, Ontario, started the ride event in 2007, each year the ride grows.  This is the biggest IFRD day to date with riders from countries across the globe from places as far away as India, Kuwait, Italy, US, Canada, and Europe.  The event empowers women and encourages them to be a part of the motorcycling sisterhood. Vicki has been involved in motorcycling as a sport as a racer and as a professional motorcycle instructor and coach.  She has inspired many a female rider and contributes to the motorcycle world with her blog Motoress.  

Riders from across the motorcycle spectrum, sport bikes, adventure touring, cafe racer and cruisers met up for our Rock The Island event and WE DID JUST THAT!  Two local media outlets covered the event and we got out our message of safe motorcycling and our call to car driver's to drop their handheld devices, practice safe driving skills and remember to shoulder check before changing lanes and to be cognizant that there are other road users.  Two separate routes covering Vancouver Island were done, with riders going out to Sooke and Jordan River and the other run down the beautiful Saanich Peninsula.  Mother Nature finally decided she was going to cut us a break and let the sun shine through and a happier group of women could not be found anywhere on the island. We met up at Savage Cycles to gather for some fabulous swag draws and talk about our adventures.  It was an amazing day.  I can hardly wait until next year!

 The meet-up - Timmies on Millstream

Lunch at Original Joe's in Langford

Group Two out in beautiful Sidney by the Sea - notice our beautiful parking job!
 Diversity of motorcycles
 Finally back at Savage for Swag draws - tired and happy!
 Myself and two other Moto Mama's on a lovely evening run through downtown Victoria in front of the Fairmont Empress.  Our Moto Mama friend Cindy couldn't make it out during the day, so we held our own IFRD event. We tootled downtown Victoria and completed the scenic Dallas-Beach road loop.  I was on my bike for 12 hours by the time I pulled up back at home, exhausted, happy and contented.
Beautiful horse drawn carriage riding by our steel ponies.
 Round trip for me today was 182.5 kilometers
I can hardly wait until next year!!!!


Pam said...

Looks like a wonderful time with the ladies!!

Dar said...

It was pretty wonderful. The day started really cold & wet. Glad Mother Nature got over her weather PMS

bobskoot said...


lucky I didn't ride on Friday. We had torrential rains like you wouldn't believe, then it turned to Hail and we had about 1/2" of white all over the ground. It looked just like winter

looks like you had a great day away from work

Riding the Wet Coast
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ToadMama said...

Oh how very cool! I am not usually into group rides, but I would've loved to have to ridden with y'all that day. I can just imagine the looks you all got when parked with helmets off and folks realizing you were all women. :-)

The swag was nice, too. And media coverage? You go, girl. That's the way to organize an event.

ToadMama said...

That was supposed to say NOT usually into group rides. I'm still half asleep here. Sorry.

Dar said...

Kathy We had a great day. Would love to have a ride with you! We worked our tails off to make it fun and have lots of swag. It was pretty cool to see the media interested in what we were doing.

I like riding in small groups, large ones can be a little chaotic at times.

Trobairitz said...

That was a big group. Way to get out and represent. It looks like you had a fabulous day.

Did you win any swag?

VStar Lady said...

Looks like you all had fun despite the wet start. Isn't it great when the sky clears.

Troubadour said...

Looks like it was a great turnout despite the weather, maybe mother nature didn't get the flyer or forgot. Good to see that she didn't want to tangle with all those leather clad ladies and gave you a break.
I love your enthusiasm, way to go!

Dar said...

Trobairitz - I won a dinner for 2 at a gourmet burger restaurant, a BMW 1st aid kit and a magazine. Yay!

V-Star lady it was gorgeous in the afternoon, I don't let the rain faze me too much, otherwise I would never ride. Lol

Troubadour - it was awesome! All of the ladies had formal training and it was artful to see everyone riding in formation & using hand signals. I think Mother Nature's inbox was full when we ant out the invites, but she made up for it in the end.

BeemerGirl said...

Looked like a thoroughly fantastic day. Glad the rain went away. It rained hard here and I abstained since I had to work. But I'm glad you got out. I recognize that electrical tape visor. :)

Motorcycle Riding Schools said...

You rock! Motorcycle riding is definitely not for men only. If you have the passion for riding go for it. It doesn't matter if you're a woman!

Dar said...

I encourage every woman to get out on a bike, it is empowering!