Sunday, May 20, 2012

Capital City Scooter Rally 2012 Part 2

Most of you have seen my previous post regarding the rally.  The Capital City Scooter Rally is very diverse and spans the generations of scooters and even the occasional 'shifter' as I was referred to on Saturday night due to riding a cruiser motorcycle.  There was everything from beautifully restored vintage Vespas and Lambrettas to more 'earthy' needing lots of TLC kind of scooters to modern day Vespa, Piaggio, Yamaha, Honda, and Kymco to name a few.  

I am an equal opportunity rider, I love them all and could care less whether it was a motorcycle or scooter, as long as it has two wheels I am in love.  My roots in two wheeling came from riding pillion for 29 years, but my own two wheeling history started with the little 50cc Yammy Scooter which I rode in my first rally last year.  My adventure has changed so much in a year and I have grown by leaps and bounds.  Last year I was trying to get lost in the pack and keep up and not being a poser.  This year I had the pleasure and honor of leading two group rides. On the evening ride when I looked in my mirrors it was a breathtaking site to see 14 maxi scoots behind me and my dear friend Bob was riding sweep.  It was a blast!  I think scootering will always be in my blood and after riding with the Vancouver Scootering Crew on their maxi scoots, I am pondering my two wheel future and wondering if there is room for a larger cc scoot or even a vintage Vespa.  Hmmm.  While I ponder this have a look at some of the vintage scoots and other lovely little scoots I came across.  PS: I also earned the nickname 'Grand Mistress Dar' - lol - that makes me smile.  

 I wonder if the driver ever gets sea sick looking in all those mirrors?
You definitely have every angle covered thats for sure.  

 They are all beautiful whether they are rusty or perfectly restored.  
Can't you just see the potential lurking under the surface?
 Dinner meet-up at Ross Bay Pub, but my scooter crew wanted Chinese food. 
 I am so glad I went with them, dinner was delicious! 

 I love this particular scooter with the fighter jet on the front fender. 
I was admiring it last year and was happy to see it again.  
    Loving this scoot's license plate mount.  
This little Ruckus picture is for my friend Deb of Ruckus Scooter Love.
 I saw this and had a chuckle and thought she would appreciate the picture.  Love the horns!

It was an excellent weekend and so much fun.  I think I am going to be saving up for a bigger cc scoot or even a vintage one.  There is something romantic about scootering and just a little quirky.  Until you've ridden one you don't truly understand the mystique and cache of everything scooter.  So go on, I know you want to try one, but beware once you do, you'll be hooked!


Andrew Thomson said...

Love that last pic!

Anonymous said...

Imagine, we could've actually met in I was at the rally today, looks like you got sun yesterday though. It was definately a good time. :)

Trobairitz said...

Dear Mistress Scooterpie:

I love the new name!!

Great pics. Congrats on leading two rides.

I think the scooter with all the mirrors is a shout out to the Mods of the 60's. Does that mean that Bobskoot on the V-Strom was the Rockers part of the equation? He can look pretty bad ass in his tank top and pink Crocs.

Dar said...

Andrew - I loved the the Ruckus.

Betty - Darn we missed each other! It is always a fun time.

Trobairitz - I saw the pink crocs for the first time. I'm thinking bob is definitely a rocker. He does look badass in his crocs.

SonjaM said...

Ah, good times. You are right about riding a scooter gets you hooked. I could never do without having a scooter as commuter and backup two-wheeler. We even use it as occasional (short) travel vehicle. A whole different world and lifestyle comes with this.

Deb said...

WhaHoooo! Raisin' up a Ruckus! I'd stay out from in front of THAT one!

What an interesting mix of scoots there!

I am like you...I love scoots and motorcycles ALL. Just looking at them makes my heart go "pitter patter"!

I've got a photo of a guy riding a Ruck all decked out in lights for Mardi Gras. I got it off the web somewhere. I will try to post it sometime...

Ah, Mistress ScooterPie...sounds like a step up from "diva" to me!

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ToadMama said...

What a nice mix of machines. Love the multiple mirrors. That guy sure has his angles covered.

Dar said...

Deb - That little Ruckus beastie was cute than cute. There are lots of Ruckii on the Island. If they ever make the Big Ruckus again I would buy one of those babies. Yup "Mistress" is a step up from Diva. lol!

Olympic Park Station - thanks for stopping by.

ToadMama - it was a nice mix of new and old scooters. Mods & rockers. LOL you are right he certainly had his angles covered. LOL

Dar said...

Deb - I wonder how you wrangle a Ruckus with horns?! lol

RichardM said...

Soooo, when are you changing the name on your blog?

Dar said...

Lol Hmmmm I wonder if I should call my blog the Mistress of Mayhem.

BeemerGirl said...

I love all the mods and personalizations in the scooters. Though I have seen a bicycle with that many mirrors.

I keep entertaining a scooter. Just too much city traffic here, and people that don't like two wheels.

Dar said...

Beemergirl - look at the maxi scoots, you can get 600cc maxi's. They are seriously easily accessible automatic motorcycles. BMW has a beautiful new 600cc scooter - seriously beautiful and would beat the pants off of many motorcycles. Honda makes some really nice large cc scooters as does Yamaha. Some are very sporty looking.