Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moss Street Market & 2011 Paint In

Every Saturday during the summer there is a farmer's community market on Moss Street in Fairfield.  Artisans from all over come and display their eclectic wares.  There is everything from yummy preserves, veggies, handmade soaps, pottery, clay sculptures, knit wear, clothes of all varieties and handcrafted jewellery.  It is really quite the little market to come and visit.

The Moss Street Paint In was also held along side the Moss Street Market.  This annual event was sponsored by the TD Bank and the Victoria Art Gallery.  Moss street is closed to all vehicle traffic and Artisans from all over display their beautiful masterpieces and foster the love of the arts. Musicians are along the route adding to the ambience of the Paint In.  It is a great family event and kids are encouraged to show their creative side by partaking in art activity stations along the way.  It was amazing to see so much talent in one place and it was a great way to spend a humid albeit grey afternoon wandering up around soaking up the art.  Hope you enjoy.

We begin at the market

Ribbon winning preserves

Gorgeous bouquets

I love the little angel piggies and the interesting little building sculptures
 (I am going to have to get a little piggy for my collection - see pigs really do fly......)

Now onto the Paint In

The Super hero band

Hand strung web

Eclectic Art

Kids creating chalk art

As you can see by the crowds this is a popular event

I always find it interesting to watch artists create, it amazes me that they take a blank canvas and create beautiful images.

The end of my journey back to Vixen in the perfect scooter parking spot.  Oh look Vixen has a friend!  It was a great afternoon and the crowds appreciated the work of the artists and it was a wonderful family event.  So if you are planning a trip to Victoria we have a great deal of family friendly free events and they are scooter friendly! Victoria truly is a city built for scootering.  

Hope you have enjoyed my little ramblings on a muggy kind of grey summer afternoon.  


Ben said...

Great pictures, and the scooter is still looking awesome!

Dar said...

Thanks Ben. I love my little scoot, she makes me very happy and commuting fun.

Turtle said...

Jealous... so jealous

Dar said...

Hi Turtle!!! Glad you could finally post here on the blog. I am just as jealous of you and your crochet skills!

Belkwinith said...

What a great fair to visit. I love art festivals and fairs and enjoy the talents of everyone involved. Great post.

Dar said...

I love watching artists create, it is amazing to me how they ake even the most mundane things and make them beautiful.