Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday night scooter tootle

Two Friday's ago I headed out on Vixen, it was a gorgeous night and the sun had graced us with her presence that day and hadn't set yet.  It was fairly breezy with a hint of summer to it.  The best thing about scootering on Vancouver Island is no matter how many times you take the same route there is always something different to see, its just taking the time to notice.  I headed down through the Inner Harbour to gawk at the tourists.  I envy the tourists because everything they think is great about my city I take for granted, because I am too wrapped up in the daily grind.  So I took time on a Friday night to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Inner Harbour

Ogden Point Cruise Ship dock

Parasailors off of Dallas Road (not sure I could take the leap of Faith)

It was breathtaking to watch

I am now up at the top of Mount Douglas overlooking the city towards Port Angeles

This is now from Mount Tolmie off in the distance
is Ogden Point Cruise ship dock

This is coming down from Mount Doug, the potholes are ginormous & almost swallowed up Vixen.

Sorry about the fuzziness I was playing with the ISO settings on the camera

The Parliament Buildings at night


Circle Blue said...

Thanks for the share.

I especially liked the parasailors and the Parliament building at night.

Mt. Doug? How did it get its name?

bobskoot said...


Riding the Wet Coast

Circle Blue said...

Thanks. Mt. Douglas seems so much more majestic than Mt. Doug. It is fascinating how places get there names . . . and there nicknames.

Dar said...

Hi Keith! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. About the parasailing, I thought that would be fun to try and then found out how much it is to take the training course and then decided I am not sure I want to leap off a cliff and hope the wind catches me. lol.

Hi Bob! Thanks for the wiki link. Are you back from your adventures now? Sounds like you had a good time.


SonjaM said...

A Victoria eye candy. Nice! Want more. Vancouver Island is so beautiful, especially in summer.

David Masse said...

Really nice photos Dar, I especially like the horse and carriage. The movement of the carriage is nicely caught. Is that a laptop on the seat beside the coachman? I loved Victoria when I was there. I was one of those tourists. Walked all along the seawall of the inner Harbour to where the houseboats are docked.

Dar said...

Sonja - no prob, I will have lots of photos coming. I am going to Tofino soon, but am leaving the scoot at home :( I am going to go through scooter withdrawal. I am trying my hardest to get motorcycle man to bring her. I could just so picture myself tootling in Tofino on it.

David - Thanks, these are with a tiny point and shot. I am disappointed about the horse carriage shot, I caught a glimpse in my side mirror and just wasn't fast enough to whip out the camera, so I got them on the way by and yes I think she does have a laptop. I used to own one of the floathomes that is moored at Fisherman's Wharf - lived aboard for 10 years. It was a very interesting lifestyle and I loved it and miss it.

We are still dealing with 'swinter' summer/winter. ICK I want some warmer temps!

Turtle said...

Lovely pictures!

Your tourist agency should support your blog--it's great advertising.

And you should count your blessings--it's 102F (39C) here right now.

Dar said...

Hi ya Turtle! Good to see you here again! We had a lovely day here today it was sunny and about 20 celcius, perfect temp not too hot & not too cold. Wouldn't mind it being a titch warmer though. Apparently we are supposed to get really hot by the end of next week, but then they have been saying that for a month. I am just glad there is sun.

Thanks for your lovely comment about the tourist bureau supporting the blog. I love my city, I am happy to share it via my blog and pics.