Monday, April 25, 2011

Scooter Mayhem ~ my journey

I have been riding for 28 years on the back of my hubs motorcycle and have thought many times, "I need my own ride!" Until now I have never had the push to do it. I had been toying with the idea  of a scooter a lot over the last year or so. (my mid-life crisis) Long and short of it is where I work they don't have accessible parking without it costing more than a mortgage payment! Things changed, I was forced to make other parking arrangements or take the bus - I am just not the bus type. I like to go on my schedule and the routes I want to take. This led me to make the decision of buying a scooter. I came home on January 20th had the discussion with the hub and he wasn't too wild about the idea, but warmed up to it.  The very next day I started looking at 50cc scoots, this was how I found my beautiful 50cc Yamaha Vino.

2007 Yamaha Vino ~ her name is The Vixen.
(Isn't the little doggis cute?!)

Welcome to my mid-life crisis/scooter obsession/addiction!

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