Thursday, April 19, 2018

When bloggers meet.

Last weekend was a very busy weekend indeed!  I had the greatest pleasure of meeting two bloggers! Motorcyclist/fashion blogger Shybiker  and fashion blogger  Sheila Ephemera .  Sorry no pictures, it seems I have gotten out of blogging mode.  We met up for lunch and had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know each other.  I love it when I meet other bloggers that I have been following for a long time. Shybiker introduced me to a new blogger Sheila who just happens to live in Victoria.  We talked about everything and our conversation was wide ranging and eclectic.

Ralph has a love of fine writing instruments and I certainly appreciate the beauty of a well balanced smooth perfect pen.  I have been envious of some of the lovely pens I have seen on the blog and was so thrilled when Ralph gave me this beautiful desk pen as a memento.  I am absolutely in love with it, it is now the sacred pen on the my desk and pity the fool who tries to take it.  Thank you for this gorgeous pen! 

We had a lovely afternoon of seeing the sights and do some shopping.  Sheila is a fashion maven who thrifts a lot of her beautiful clothes and there really is an art to thrifting and being adventurous.  She is fearless with style and it was glorious watching her go through the racks and pull outfits together.  I am definitely stuck in a fashion rut, but will be paying more attention to our local boutiques as they offer such beautiful clothes and shoes and I kinda dig the idea of upcycling.  After our rambles through a few of her favourite haunts we went back to her place for tea and I was tickled pink when she gave me a peek at her closet - GLORIOUS! We chatted the afternoon away and then before I knew it, it was time to say adieu!  Unfortunately I was unable to meet up with Ralph and Sheila again on the weekend as I had teaching commitments.  But all I can say is it was memorable and I had such a fantastic time!


Trobairitz said...

How very cool. Always nice to hear of bloggers meeting up.

Shybiker said...

It was as wonderful for me as it was for you! And I'm equally thrilled to see you blogging again. Simply sharing our lives is good content for a blog. Thanks for the visit!

Lynne Goebeler said...

It is always so much fun to meet fellow bloggers!