Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Farkle Garage Episode 8 New look, New Garage, New Stories!

Pull up a chair and join us in the garage for 30 minutes of motorcycle TV! The gang is hanging out at Bucky's Taphouse talking bike with other riders, and the Farkle Garage Band is rocking out. What does music and motorcycling have in common - therapy! Check out a Steve's  human farkle, and the muffpot brings a whole new meaning to the idea of take-out, Clive really brings to life the term Ride to Eat! Producer Ray takes us on a ride Adventure style!

Farkle Garage Episode 8


Charlie6 said...

Muffpot...seems perfect for the horizontally opposed cylinders of a Boxer engine...seen a variation before where the guy actually cooked hotdogs on top of the cooling fins...a bit too "engine oily" for me then.

Dar said...

I have yet to see this muffpot up close, but it is kind of a cool idea, but then again riding to a coffee shop seems easier particularly if it is a couple of 100km's away from home.