Friday, September 2, 2016

New Episode of Farkle Garage Ep7- A whole lot of riding going on!

The crew of Farkle Garage is a small dedicated group who create this amazing little motorcycle show through public access television at a local Victoria station Shaw TV. We are  guided through the process by Executive Producer Paul Beilstein, who is aided by technical producer Orlan Carillo and Co-host Kim Rock.  Co-host Dar Duncan, Steve Drane and Clive Brown are volunteer producers and hosts.  The show is put together with the many talents of volunteers, camera people Kelly F, Chris W and Daniel, sound Will and slate lady extraordinare Carolyn.  And of course the amazing sounds of The  Farkle Garage Band, Ken, Jack, and Scotty - Rock on!

Here is the jammed packed episode 7 which includes the FG crew riding 'The Loop' as the locals call it, or for those looking on a map The Pacific Circle Marine Loop. Next Meet Chantelle and Todd Powell who are riding Honda CT110 Posties the durable little work horses of the Australian Postal service. Then we meet Adventurers Brian and Deyanira Domingues who rode through South America, and Neale Bayly a moto journalist and writer and producer of MAV TV and founder of Neale Bayly Rides, a chartiable organization that helps children aound the world. Last but not least we see Canadian Motorcycle Hall Of Famer Steve Drane rippin' it on the track! 

So pull up a chair and hang out with us in Farkle Garage for about 30 minutes!


RichardM said...

Nice interview of the couple on the Honda Posties! I wish I was able to meet them when they came through Fairbanks.

Dar said...

I wish you could have caught up with them, they are a lovely couple.

David Masse said...

Enjoyed the show.

Steph Jeavons is heading back to BC to continue her around the world trip. She would be great to see and hear in a future episode.

Keep up the good work.

Dar said...

David, she was featured on Go By shaw in Kelowna area, I'd love to meet her if she was coming to the island, but I don't think thats on her itinerary.

Lynne Goebeler said...

Great new episode!

skybird said...

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