Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whoa it's been one busy summer

I have been out enjoying summer to its fullest, hence the resulting lack of posts! 
We ventured up to Tofino for 10 days of glamping, eating, relaxing, and of course catching sunsets.

This is my absolute favourite sunset, it was a blazing hot day and the marine clouds rolled in and this was the result.  My little iPhone managed to catch it's breathtaking beauty. 

Another day, another sunset.

Of course food is a large part of any experience for me and we visited Chocolate Tofino several times as well as Wildside Grill and Red Can Gourmet.
The eating area of Wildside is rustic and natural. Wildside has wonderful fresh hearty burgers & fries with a good assortment of fresh fish, it is more of an organic eating experience.
The shelter is made of cedar and driftwood and on top it is sculpted to look like a fish skeleton. 

The Red Can Gourmet recently added a bistro seating area.  The food is amazing here, fresh ingredients, thought put into the dishes and very delicious. They make the most exquisite seafood chowder with freshly seafood, served with a fresh baguette - when you eat this it is an "Oh my god" food experience moment.

We played bocce, walked the beach, flew kites and relaxed. The weather was fabulous and we had sun and warm temps. 

We even actually managed to have a fire at the beach!

The highlight of my vacation was seeing our young and vibrant Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  We heard that he and his family were vacationing in Tofino and they were enjoying their vacation. The day before we left we ventured out to Long Beach to fly kites and pulled into where JT and Sophie were surfing. The boy can surf! When I was leaving to go back to the Moho there were very official black cars parked behind us, and beside us.  I looked iPad there he was! He looks like his momma.  It's Trudeau mania all over again, I think what fosters this is his genuine compassion and he is just downright nice. It was pretty exciting to see Canada's first family.

We had an amazing 10 days in Tofino and I can hardly wait until next year. 

I will leave this post with a few more pics of our lovely vacation.

Everyone including puppy was tired and happy after frolicking on the beach all day.

Relaxed and rested.

Here we are on the way into Tofino. We always stop at the river on the way in.

There is a piece of fencing where people have attached locks with notes, little snippets of people's lives. Notes about engagements, marriages, births, hopes for the future, notes of good luck and love all attached to locks. 

It was quite touching and in a few cases sad. 
The water was icy cold.

And of course it's pie baking season for me!

Just to temp you!


VStar Lady said...

I was wondering if you'd cross paths with the PM when I saw he was vacationing there.

Charlie6 said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all.....

nice sunset pics

RichardM said...

At least it wasn't a picture of a peach pie…

It looks like a great summer break!

SonjaM said...

Dar, awesome pics (and bonus: Justin!). You make me miss the wet coast very much.

Trobairitz said...

I am glad you had such a relaxing time in Tofino. You're always so busy I bet it was nice to get away.

FYI - my iMac decided to auto-correct Tofino to 'toxin' - go figure.

Thomas Osburn said...

Posting that last photo is just wrong :) Looks like a great vacation. Nice photos.

David Masse said...

I could use a vacation like that. Glad to see you had a great time.

Lynne Goebeler said...

Great pics and Tofino looks like a very cool place. Oh, if only we had a Trudeau in the US...sigh.

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