Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Vancouver Motorcycle show

It was an early call this morning awake at 03:00am and out the door at 05:15am to catch the ferry to the Mainland for the Vancouver Motorcycle show.  I headed over with the Farkle Garage gang, we shot stories for an upcoming episode. Everyone was stoked to go and see what was new in the world of motorcycling and FARKLES!  We were running on coffee, excitement, and adrenalin!

We caught up with the early morning Victoria rider contingent.  
Probably about a dozen riders and there were lots of others who carpooled, all headed to Abbottsford to the Tradex.

The show was well organized and lots of bike dealers with a good cross section of the entire riding community; trials, motocross, street bikes, cruisers, tourers, adv bikes and more, even a few electric bikes and a  wheeled moto car. It was heavenly, there was definitely something for everyone!  Added bonus I bumped to an Oregon contingent of bloggers - Trobairitz, Troubadour, Sweetpea and Polarbear. Dang I didn't get a pic! It was good to see them just the same! 

Here's a look at some of the bikes and dealer displays.

Was loving this beautiful Honda Goldwing! 
Another Honda beauty!

I was besotted by this little beauty.  Gorgeous little CBR 300.

1000cc of sexy adventure riding power featuring Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Gotta say if I could have gotten up on that faux rock I would have sat on that baby up there!

According to my fitbit I took about 12,000 steps about 8km, yesterday wandering around looking at all the beautiful bikes and farkle candy store.  Stay tuned for more! This is just a little taste of what I saw!


RichardM said...

It looks like it was a good show with lots of vendor representation. The Africa Twin looks pretty nice. I hadn't heard that it has the DCT.

Looking forward to other posts about the show.

Andrew Thomson said...

You shoulda swiped Africa Twin's keys...They are a nice ride.

Shybiker said...

Great pics and report. I love shows like this, especially when you visit them with friends.

Dar said...

I have to say the Africa Twin totally capitvated me. It is a CRF1000, we use its younger sibling the CRF250 as training bikes atbour school and I had the pleasure of whipping one of the. Around the parking lot, a very nimble agile bike and I woukd consider one of these as an off road bike for boonie bashing,

Richard I wish I had gotten a pic of the DCT engine they had, but it was encased in a glass tube and it reflected the flash back too much. It was pretty little thing!

Andrew I think the keys were well locked away.

Shybiker - You are right! It definitely is better with friends!

Charlie6 said...

Thanks for the pics Dar, wonder who will be the first to hang a sidecar off the new African's been done before I believe.

SonjaM said...

Motorcycle shows are fun (well, most of them), and even better when you can enjoy them with friends, and meet people. Personally I find that the best part ;-)

Lynne Goebeler said...

Nice report and cool that you saw other bloggers!

Trobairitz said...

It was great to see you Dar if only for a few minutes. I too was thinking we forgot a picture.

We really enjoyed the show and one of these days I'll get my post up about it. I still have to download the photos. The lighting wasn't the greatest for taking pics.

I think I fell in love with the Ducati Scrambler 400!!

Thea said...

We went over on the Friday.. and once again, I'm dreaming of all the overseas bike adventures I want to go on.. think I'd start with Ireland and combine it with the TT..!! One day ��

David Masse said...

Bloggers meet and no one snaps a photo??? No way, it didn't happen!

Otherwise, a very nice write up, compliments Brandy's post very nicely. Too bad you didn't really meet.

Cassie said...

Beautiful bikes! Looks like a fun time, thanks for the post!