Friday, July 10, 2015

Ride night and Farkle Garage

It was a fabulous night tonight! Beautiful summer evening to ride with my girlfriends and shot my first segment of the new TV show Farkle Garage. Tonight it was all about women riders! Love the Farkle Garage cast & crew, their love of what they do shines through.
We all belong to a local riding group called the Moto Mama's. 9 of us came out for the evening ride and then the FG crew shot a story getting to know the Mama's.  

We are a diverse group of women riders and ride everything from a 50cc scooter, maxi scooter, cruisers, dual  sports, sport bikes, dirt, supermoto and race bikes.  We all share a common bond we love to ride! 
Getting ready to rock'n'roll. My girlfriends are the coolest chicks! We laugh, we are goofy, we have fun, but best of all we love riding. 
Our technical director doing his gig! 

The gals lining up for the opening segment. (Our show producer in front)
My co-host and Ducati rider & friend Kim. 
We are interviewing one of the mamas.

The best part was my best friend Deb bought a brand new Honda CTX700T and rode it tonight - Yay Deb #RideRed #HondaLove

It was a great night and I can hardly wait until the episode airs.  Check us out on twitter @ FarkleGarage and Facebook. 

 Keep your knees in the breeze!


SonjaM said...

You gals rock!

Trobairitz said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Good for you Dar.

Andrew Thomson said...

Nice! Will the production budget allow for a NZ tour?

Dar said...

Andrew Thomson - nope, I wish though!

Lynne Goebeler said...

Very cool!

VStar Lady said...

Great fun it looks like!