Friday, May 8, 2015

It followed me home.... 2012 Honda NC700SA

I can't believe I have a new to me bike. That makes it 4 bikes in 4 years of learning to ride. I wasn't really looking for anything new, because I actually have been pretty content and in love with my Honda Shadow VT500c. 

Scarlett came to me as a wonderful Christmas present 2 1/2 years ago with about 9,000km on the odo and she just recently clocked in at about 31,000 and change. We have gone a lot of kilometres in that 2 1/2 years.

Way back in 2012, I wandered by the local Honda dealer and sat on the NC700SA and it was instant love, but timing wasn't right. I would amble down to the dealer and sit on the different models, but was always pulled back to the NC. 

Recently I tested out the Honda CB500X, during Honda demo days. I really really liked this bike, so much so that it was displacing the NC from my heart. The CB500X is in Honda's adventure line and is the sibling of the NC750X. There is a world of difference between the 2 bikes. For me the NC750X is heavier and unfortunately way too tall and I wasn't sure they could lower it enough and lowering it added to the price so it was a no go. The NC750X is running around $8k before tax, freight, PDI and necessary farkling. The CB500X was about an inch shorter and less weight. It runs about $7k. I actually almost pulled the trigger on the CB500 after riding it, but became concerned that I might feel limited by the cc's. The fickle hand of fate intervened and I walked away ftom it and decided to think about it.

My 2012  Honda NC700SA

This beautiful babe rolled back into my life.  This is the bike I had been drooling over in the local dealer back in 2012.A friend if mine bought it and  rode it occasionally. Everytime I'd see her, I'd ask her how my bike was. We used to laugh about it and I'd tell her to look after it. I called her up out of the blue last week and asked if she wanted to sell it. She called me back and 2 test  rides later a deal was struck.  It followed me home like a lost puppy looking for it's owner.

So off we went to get acquainted and figure each other out. The NC700 is kind if a hybrid bike, the original chassis is from the Honda Integra scooter. It has a very low centre of gravity, the gas tank is under the seat.  They only sold the 6 speed manual transmission in Canada and not the dual clutch, which offered you different modes to play with and run the bike in automatic. The bike has ABS which I am really excited about as a feature.

This is where the scooter ingenuity comes in, there is onboard helmet storage! I LOVE THIS! I always thought it was the best thing on my scooter, instant storage and hauling capacity. It allows me to get away without having to kit it out which is a good thing right now, I need to pay it off before farkling commences. 

My fullface Shoei with Sena unit is nicely accommodated.  It also gives me a handy place for my insurance papers. I used the compartment plenty today after a quick run to the grocery store.  

Today was the perfect day for us to get to know each other. It was hot and sunny, I could hear the twisties calling my name. The NC obliged and handled them nicely and with ease. It is taking some getting used to because it is designed to have low revs and I had to figure out short shifting. It's an amazing commuter and sips gas, on average it's about 400km per tank on 14 litres (3.73 gallons). I filled her up from empty and it was $13. I went about 100km today and used on 1/4 of a tank, if was Scarlett she'd be getting a little thirsty by this point. 

We tootled up to the Observatory. The view is amazing! Hawks were flying by soaring on the thermals. I never get tired of looking out over the straight of Juan de Fuca.

The Paskell Observatory opened it's doors in 1918. The building is beautiful and the grounds surrounding it are open to the public. 
I wandered around for a bit enjoying our stunningly beautiful weather and sights.

In the distance you can see Mount Baker. The iPhone doesn't do it justice at all.  I haven't named her yet, I think we need to ride together a bit and I am sure it will come to me.

I think I stood in this spot and took a pic when I first got my scooter.  

So 100.9km later and we are both feeling the love.  As for Scarlett, she stole my heart, but I think she is ready for another home with hopefully a new rider so they have the most gentle lovely ride that made me fall in love with her and fed my Moto passion for riding.

I will miss her! 


Ry Austin said...

Hey, congrats on the new-to-you bike! That storage compartment is very cool—one would never know it’s there.

It was only after I sold my ’05 Vespa GTS250 (after having bought an '09 BMW F800GS) that I really gained an appreciation for all of the scooter’s stow-space: The few times I rode it for weekend camping, I was easily able to find room for all of the gear I needed and much of the gear I wanted. Though the F800GS is able to take me farther and further than a scooter could, I still find myself cutting out many wants while gearing up for a trip.

Which makes me wonder… I think I recall possibly once-upon-a-time seeing an engine inside the Vespa, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe one is able to stow so much in and on a scoot because they’re actually powered solely by the rider’s excitement in the moment and visions of future adventures.

David Masse said...

Nice ride Dar! Looking forward to watching you bond and farkle :)

WooleyBugger said...

That does so look like a nice rider. I too am envious of the helmet storage capacity you have there. My very very very early first bike was a Honda SL70. I never did much to it other than oil and gas and rode the mess out of it and it was always trouble free.

Dar said...

David and Sonja - *WEST COAST BIKE!

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I remember your initial interest in the 500.....congrats and exciting times ahead with your follow-through :)

Trobairitz said...

Congrats on the new to you bike. A change in riding position for you as well as a change in bikes.

I see many happy miles of smiles in your riding future.

VStar Lady said...

How exciting to have a new ride ... and I found it hilarious to see my friend Ron is in the background of your showroom picture. Would seem my photo is out there on the WWW. Guess that's what happens when you put them in Picasa. You are welcome to continue using it in this post.

Richard M said...

Really nice bike! I had looked at the specs but in the U.S., the combination of ABS and 6 speed wasn't available. ABS seemed to only be available with the dual clutch transmission.

Dar said...

Richard i think in Canada ABS is now a required standard on new bikes sold here. Honda Canada didn't bring in the DCT because of cost, so they brought the 6 speed in. This uYear they did a model skip and didn't do any for 2015.

Richard M said...

BTW, I really like the observatory photos. Astronomy used to be a major hobby.

Andrew Thomson said...

Very nice! I'm sure it's going to be a great ride and will take you on some fantastic adventures - I look forward to reading about them...

Lynne Goebeler said...

Dar, I am so late in congratulating you, but that does not dampen the enthusiasm! What a lovely turn of events that brought her into your life to stay! At least for now...I can relate, as in almost 20 years of riding, I am on my 9th bike. :-) We learn and grow and so do our bikes.

So exciting, I wish you tons of miles and smiles together!

Cheers, curvyroads Lynne

Lynne Goebeler said...

and I meant to subscribe to follow up comments...;-)