Sunday, March 23, 2014

First weekend of spring 2014

Swallows Landing looking out in Esquimalt, BC, in the distance you can see the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Well the first weekend of spring 2014 was a bit of a mixed bag of sun, cloud, cold, warmth, and a wee bit of rain.  Friday dawned sunny and warmish, it was so nice we had coffee outside.  We lingered over coffee because it felt so nice to feel the warmth of sun on my face.  We set our plans for the day and decided to take the dog for a good long walk at Langford Lake.  Afterwards I sat in a lawnchair soaking up more sun while my hubs helped the neighbour tinker with his new to him vintage 350.  It is quite pleasant snoozing in the sun and then hearing a motorcycle roar to life.  It prompted me to pay a long overdue visit to my garage and start Scarlet.  I haven't ventured out there since I parked her last October, Motorcycle Man has been doing that all winter.  Listening to the engine sing to life has definitely stirred my motorcycle adventure feelings.  

Wooden bridge walking path over the boggy beginnings of the trail walk at Langford Lake.  It was a perfect walk.

Langford Lake Trail

Today (Sunday) was another stunning spring day, much warmer than Saturday which was overcast and rainy, which made it a stay at home hide kind of day.  So again Poocha and I went for a walk.  We stopped at a new friend's lovely boutique shop and kayak rental touring company.  Poocha has a lnew friend named Sawyer and the puppies were playing and enjoying a walk together.  

After the puppies played, my friend and I took the dogs for a walk down the West Song walkway.  It was a stunning day, spring has taken hold and trees are bursting into bloom everywhere.  It is truly heartwarming to know Old Man Winter is well and truly on the run, at least here in Victoria.

My favorite magnolia tree is in full bloom now.  I could stand and stare at this tree all day, it is truly that beautiful.

We stopped at the look-out and it was breathtaking!  This overlooks West Bay, this was where my float home was moored when we lived aboard.  In the distance you can see the Olympic Mountain range, it was so clear you could see for miles.  

Sorry about the blurry image, but I was tussling with my Poocha and trying yo snap a puck.  I believe this is a Trout Lilly ( THANK YOU MARTHA!) it was nestled in amongst vines on a hillside.  Not bad for pics taken on an iPhone.  Hope you all are getting a little spring where you are and if not, I hope it comes your way soon.


Andrew Thomson said...

On Yer bike!

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Yes Dar, you are definitely feeling it. None of mine have begun to make noise so far. The only thing I've been hearing has been running water but that will end soon too.

Martha Tenney said...

That's a lovely trout lily you have in your last photo. We will have those, too, someday...More snow for us today. Cold and not so cold, snow and no snow. Long fingers on the winters here.

Richard M said...

It looks pretty nice out. What's stopping you from getting the bike out?

Trobairitz said...

That magnolia is beautiful. So nice to see all the trees bursting forth icing us hope of the summer ahead.

Did you sit on the bike and make vroom vroom noises before you started it?

Dar said...

Andrew - soon! I will be out there.

Coop - I bet if you listen you can hear little grumbles coming out of your moto lair, they are just letting you know they are waking up from their hibernation.

Martha - Thank you, I will correct that on the blog. It is always cool to find out the exact names of plants.

Richard - Its still just a little breezy and I am just taking my time this year. I insured too early and then hardly rode and it was a waste of money.

Trobaritz - Nope, I cranked it over and listed to the moto symphony that it played. Oh how I have missed that!

bob skoot said...


Don't worry about insuring Scarlett yet. It's been raining most of the time anyway, with more rain forecast all week but it's nice to know your bike started and is ready for a new season.

while it was sunny here on Sunday, there was no warmth in the air, but soon . . .

A weekend photographer

VStar Lady said...

Dar I love the Magnolia too ... I will have to post a photo of what mine looks like right now ;D

Dar said...

Bob - I'm in no hurry, still too cold and finally my hip is feeling better from the initial crash 3 years ago and I think not riding in the cold has helped with this. It's still the rainy season and I can hold off a little longer.

Karen - I love magnolias they are so beautiful. We have one in our yard, but it's a scratty little think and it doesn't have the enormous flowers that this one does.

SonjaM said...

I just love the island pics, please keep 'em coming... with our without two-wheeled content ;-)

Deb said...

What a beautiful area you live in!

We have not one sign of spring such as those you have shared. I've seen nothing blooming, no green grass, nada. Soon I hope!

Meanwhile I enjoyed your walk!