Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting tired of winter

I really have nothing to complain about at all when it comes to winter weather on the island.  We get cold temperatures from time to time, and a little bit of snow here and there, but I do get tired of the winter doldrums.  We are coming into the light with our progression into spring, it's nice to see daylight at 5:30pm almost 6:00pm now.  Waking up to a lightening sky in the morning is also heartwarming for me.  I am one of those people who find winter, even mild ones hard, I am a creature of sunlight.  I need it, I crave it, and don't do well without it.  I can now see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel which brings me great joy! 

I was walking Poocha the other day and it was gorgeous out.  We had an ultra low tide and all the birds were feeding on the goodies at the shoreline.  

 I managed to capture pictures of two blue herons feeding in the bay.

I also found this beauty hiding under a tarp on the way home, I think she feels the same about winter and is craving sunshine too.


Richard M said...

Another Cozy sidecar! One of them would fit your bike just fine...

Dar said...

Richard I know it would fit perfectly! I just wish my husband could come to the same realization of it. I am perplexed because I have really thought of venturing out and finding one, but then what? How the heck does one mount it? I am definitely not mechanical at all and I know that Motorcycle Man could do it, but it would be a long drawn out affair. I guess I just have to go on dreaming, or find a bike with one already on it. Hmmmmmm

I hope you are getting more daylight and warmer temps. We had snow all weekend last week and they are forecasting more on Monday and Tues of next week. I am cautiously optimistic thay the forecasters are wrong. ;)

Richard M said...

DMC is down in Enumclaw, WA, Side Effects is in Kamloops, BC.

Martha Tenney said...

I wonder how I would like living there. Isn't this the same endless deep gloom of Oregon? Or is there more sun?

Diane Higdon said...

I am with you on the warmer weather and longer days. They are coming along quite nicely in Oklahoma. We have had a few good days, but winter is really trying to hang on here as well. We are getting ready for some colder weather this weekend. Sure wish Mother Nature would make her mind up and let Spring come on in. Ready for some good riding weather.

bob skoot said...


the only problem I see with a sidecar is that you will also need another garage to put it in, otherwise the VW will have to go outside, either that or sell the VW to make room for the Hack

we are getting the same snow you are getting next week. Will be below freezing again on the weekend

A weekend photographer
Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Richard - thanks I will note that in the sidecar wish file.

Martha - You may like it here. The summers are beautiful and landscapers work all year round here. Kitties definitely like Victoria.

Diane - I think winter is not quite done with us yet. We are doing something in our city we do at the end of February 1st week of March we do the "Flower Count" which counts all the spring blooms. So its coming along.

Bob - As far as I am concerned the Beetle can beat it and find new digs. I still am hankering for the side car. Stay warm over the next few days!

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Ahhh, bare ground and things that exist w/o snow. Beautiful sights!

I continue my Sidecar Watch, plus we have room. Peg will agree I'm sure...once it's here.

VStar Lady said...

Dar ... poor little rig hidden under a tarp, at least it isn't under 3 feet of snow. It looks positively springish on your island. I am loving the sun, it's almost up at 6ish when I leave for work and still up at 6ish at night - yeah for sunlight!

Dar said...

Coop do you think you can convince my hubby? It just makes so much sense to me. One day I am going to have one.

Karen the sun isn't up here until about 7:30ish, but it's a change for the best. You wouldn't have believed it last weekend, it snowed here for 2 days straight, and they are talking about more on the weekend here.

Jennifer Bittner said...

Nice pics, didn't realize you were blogging again :)