Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's in a name?

I love my blog and it has been an amazing way for me to document my journey, the best part however has been the people I have met through the blog.  I am feeling a little spring fever and feeling like I need to change things up a bit and have been mulling over my bloggio.  I have moved beyond the scooter and at this moment in time do not see myself scootering any time soon.  I am completely enjoying my motorcycle and all that it brings me.  So here is my dilmena do I stick with the name Princess Scooterpie - which is kind of cool or do I find something a little more motorcyclish that reflects my personality now?  Hmmmm what to do?  I would also like to change my http which is http://scootermayhem.blogspot.com, not being very techy though I don't want to lose my blog that I have started so far and would like to import my posts.  Any suggestions for how to acheive this and name ideas? 


bob skoot said...


I have pondered your exact desire. I have found too much resentment here between scooterists, vesparistas, vintage scoots, harleys, sport bikes and I have found the most pleasure riding a motorcycle. I know we didn't mention anything here but you remember the problem we had in Victoria last year against our group? and also against you for parking in THAT SPOT, and the vandalism to our group rooms at the hotel ? and that we were told that we were NOT WELCOME . . .

I know that you could archive your complete blog through the export function and then re-import your complete blog using blogger but you have spent too much time projecting your persona using and as you say it could all be lost.

You could also start a new blog with new names and HTTP URL and just link it from your last blogger post so everyone knows where to find you. Eventually, over time, your new identity will be known.

I started to change over and delete the "skoot" but just decided to leave it alone. It is what it is and that is what I am known my.

At least you have not used a name where you mention a certain brand of bike. Such as VinoScooterpie, then what happens when you buy a Honda ?

There are many on here who no longer ride scooters but have scooters in their name, such as Conchscooter who rides a Triumph Bonneville.

I kinda like Scooterpie and Scootermayhem. Because of the motorcycle and scooter thing I use a different handle on m/c forums . . . the initials "BS" but spelt bESS

it's too bad that the 2 wheeled community don't embrace each other in the same way as we all take the same risks.

We love you the way you are. Keep smiling and see you on April 28th ??

Riding the Wet Coast

Brenda said...

I think you can just import the whole thing, I've seen an option for it somewhere but .. personally I think you will always be the scooterpie princess no matter what. I mean what would you change it to, Shadow Princess is a little to dark for your bright cheerful personality I reckon.

I've thought the same thing bout my name, what if I traded for a black Harley, I guess I'd change but my blog name isn't as much who I am as yours is.

RichardM said...

As you probably know, there is little connection of the name of your blog, i.e. whatever you want to put into the header, and the DNS name. No reason to change scootermahem.blogspot.com unless you want to get your own domain.

I would just remane it to anything you want. After all, there is some benefit to having all of your historical post and pictures in one spot.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I like your name and see no problem with it, no matter what you ride but then you have to know if it fits and represents who you are. I am after all an equal opportunity rider.

I've got friends that "scoot" and will jump on their "scooters" when their machines are 150hp sportbikes.

When folks approach that don't know me and then ask what I ride, I always try and respond first with "I have a scooter" to see where that takes us. :)

Shybiker said...

Whatever you call your blog, we'll keep coming back. A blog by any other name would smell as sweet. :)

Martha Tenney said...

Golly. Pretty soon there won't be any scooterers left! And if I get the two jobs I am hoping for I won't be riding much if any here. Very sad. Eventually I will ride again, but scooter blogs will have to take up their own corner it seems.

Martha Tenney said...

Golly. Pretty soon there won't be any scooterers left! And if I get the two jobs I am hoping for I won't be riding much if any here. Very sad. Eventually I will ride again, but scooter blogs will have to take up their own corner it seems.

SonjaM said...

I like it when you mention 'moto mama'. This is independent from brand or type you're riding. But whatever you might decide, I will follow.

VStar Lady said...

Dar ... the generic "on two wheels" is already taken. Scooterpie has character. Who cares what anybody thinks! We love you - just the way you are!

Trobairitz said...

I am inclined to agree with the others especially what Richard mentioned in keeping the blog URL as is but just changing the name on your header using the layout feature.

I like Scooterpie. I think people can scoot whether it is on a sport bike or scooter just as Coop said.

And like Sonja said Moto Mama has a nice ring to it too. You can change up the title as you see fit but by keeping the URL you keep your original posts intact.

And yes we will visit and read and appreciate you no matter the name.

Deb said...

Oh, I went through this ponderance a year or so ago and just decided to keep my original name. It is NOT the name of my blog URL, but who cares?

Whether I am scooting, riding a bike, sitting in a recliner, riding a motorcycle, a Honda or a Yamaha, it all started with "Ruckus Scooter Love" and so it continues.

How about "Moto Lair Mistress"? I've always loved your reference to the "Moto Lair"! LOL

Anyway, stick around, will ya?

Dar said...

Well I think I am going to ponder this a little more and may change the background or something and am gong to leave it as Scooterpie. There maybe Moto mama in there at some point. Hmmmm a conundrum.

Andrew Thomson said...

I've thought the same thing - I haven't been a Bandit rider (except for the odd squirt on Mark's bike) for nearly 6 years. Not sure what I'll do...

I've always liked your blog title though Princess ;)

WooleyBugger said...

In the old days we referred to our bikes as Scoots whether it was a Harley, BSA, Triumph, hard Tailed Honda or Yamaha so Scooter just means the same thing really. I mean, many was the time I have been referred to as a Scooter tramp and even Scooter trash...in the old days.