Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas in Scooterpie land

I spent the entire day christmasing the house. I admit it, I am a tinsel junky. I don't even try to have Martha Stewart trees or decor, because I am truly more like the Gridwold's from Christmas vacation. I love my eclectic tree and its homemade ornaments from my daughter & the ones I have been collecting for years. This year I wrapped the candy cane tinsel garland on the tree that my motorbike was decorated with when Motorcycle Man and Scooterpie Jr gave it to me Christmas Eve. My tree tells the story of us, from our wedding ornament, my daughters handprints to our beloved dog Muggie and now Grand Duchess Roo. My daughter is baking gingerbread cookies and it feels like Christmas.


bob skoot said...


So you're the one who has Elvis' Pink Cadillac ?

It's nice when you have memories to look back on

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Dar said...

Bob - Yup, Elvis lives in Scooterpie Village and his caddy is parked by the Saloon and he is belting out Blue Christmas.

Brenda said...

Oh Dar that just looks like a pupy heaven!!! She is gonna have so much fun :-D

I did my chritmas decorating today too, it's not quite as good as your's tho ... love your tree!

That christmas puppy shot is great, you could make christmas cards our of that shot.

Trobairitz said...

Now that is festive. It looks great Dar.

It is nice to have ornaments that each tell a story.

RichardM said...

Nice decorations. How does the dog feel about sitting still for a couple of weeks now that it has been incorporated into the decor?

Deb said...

Ahhhh! Love your tree and your village and your poochie Roo!

She is SO cute!

And those eyes! They look into your soul, don't they?

What a charmer!

Merry, merry!

Dar said...

Brenda - I am waiting to see if she destroys the tree! I have had a few dreams where she has climbed to the top and was eating candy canes. She eats anything.

Trobairitz - everytime I decorate the tree I have such great memories of past Christmases that come to mind. I love my tree. I have had the same fake tree for 20 years, good investment for $75 and it's Eco friendly.

Richard - too funny! She was investigating everything and trying to eat it. I finally locked her out of the livingroom.

Deb - my village goes up every year and one year I actually sacrificed my diningroom table and it was huge, even had a train running around it. Roo does have the ability to sear your soul with her eyes and she definitely let's you know she's the boss.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires said...

Wow, that is lovely. Very beautiful. aaawww is the dog helping you set up the Christmas lights? Cute